Key Blanks

Key Blanks

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Color Aluminum Key Blank

What are Titanium key blanks by Key Craze? Our Titanium keys are actually made of aluminum alloy. It is super light but as strong as brass! It is Easy on the key machine when cutting.


We have the following line available:

Titanium Car Keys

Titanium House Keys

Titanium Mailbox Keys


Why would your customer consider getting a Titanium key blank?

-Lightweight on the key ring

-Less pressure on ignition (for car keys)

-Easy to identify different keys

-Adds color to your key ring – available in several bright colors


Titanium Color Key blanks can be used as promotional products too.  There is plenty of space to engrave, draw, paint, put a sticker, or what have you.


Available Keyways:

M1 key blank (Padlock)

House Key blank KW1 (for Kwikset door locks),

House Key blank SC1 (Schlage door locks)

Car Key blank Keyways for Honda, Toyota, Chrysler, GM, Ford, Nissan:

B86 key blank

B102 key blank

DA25 key blank

DA31 key blank

DA34 key blank

H75 key blank

HD91 key blank

HD103 key blank

TR40 key blank

TR47 key blank

Y157  key blank

Y159 key blank


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M1 - titanium titanium car keys_aluminum alloy car keys


Color Keys

Novelty keys are popular impulse items at hardware stores and locksmith shops. Key Craze offers the best selection of these types of keys at extremely competitive prices.

Those are called crazy keys. They are novelty keys that are normal house keys but, made for each individual’s personality.

Color Key Blanks have always been popular in the locksmith shops and hardware stores. Missing these keys on your key rack is not a good idea. You must sell these keys. Without these keys, you are missing a great profit margin in your store. You can sell this key all day in your store. These color key blanks are the most popular key blanks we offer to our customers and they love it because of the price, quality and selection we offer.

Key Craze offers the best and most trendy color key designs. Their designs include zebra, leopard, music notes and paws…as well as many more.

These keys will be a hit with your customers because of the fun designs.  At just 65 cents your profit margin with these keys is amazing. You can sell these for up to $5!

At Key Craze, not only do we offer the best designs and prices on Crazy Keys but, we also offer the best customer service, fastest service and best selection of all other keys and key accessories. We are the number 1 wholesaler for keys and key accessories in the country . We we offer the best selection at the lowest prices. You can order your key blanks online at or call us at 1-800-490-7539 for more information.

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Why Key Craze is the best place to buy Key Blanks, Car Remotes and Key Accessories

Why Key Craze is the best place to buy Key Blanks, Car Remotes and Key Accessories


Reason 1 of 5: Best Price

Quality products at always low prices.


Reason 2 of 5: Great Selection

Your one stop shop for key blanks, remotes, remote shells/covers and key accessories


Reason 3 of 5: Free & Fast Shipping

Sip on your coffee and relax. We do Free shipping on orders over $50

Online & fax orders before 3 PM PST ship the same day.


Reason 4 of 5: Innovation

Always adding new and unique products , keeping it fun and practical


Reason 5 of 5: Customer Service

Friendly & helpful team of office staff and field sales reps.


If you have more reasons to do business with Key Craze, feel free to add on.

If you don’t believe us, read what our customers have to say about us at


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Coming Soon: Star Wars, Hello Kitty and Frozen!

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We will soon be carrying 3D Hello Kitty and 3D Darth Vader keys as well as the highly requested Frozen Keys! The new designs will be available in early 2015.


2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday SliderProvide your customers with unique gift items! Our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide features our most popular gift items including lanyards, key caps, key chains and more!



Emoji Key Caps and Sports Key Caps

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In an effort to provide our customers with unique quality products, we recently launched our exclusive line of Emoji Key Caps. The brand new Emoji key caps come in a display box of 100 for $15.99. Emoji expressions include smiley face, Winky Face, mustache Heart Eyes, Kiss and Sunglass shade

We  have also  refreshed designs for our Sports Key Caps which come in a display box of 200 for $24.90.


Bianchi Keys



We have added Bianchi keys to our already extensive selection of automotive key blanks to better accommodate our customers. We are carrying Bianchi Fobs, Transponder Keys and Interchangeable Heads and Blades at competitive prices. Our entire selection of Transponder Keys is available on our website, We also carry Transponder Keys and other automotive keys from Ilco and JMA at equally competitive prices. As always, we offer free shipping on orders over $50 anywhere in the US.  You can order your keys online at or call them at 1-800-490-7539 for more information.


Winning Key Promotion

We are proud to unveil our latest product, Winning Keys, to help companies run a successful contest or promotion.

We an create anywhere from 100 to 100,000 keys depending on the size of the promotion. Once a company has them in hand, they can be mailed out to customers, trade show attendees, or the local population. Those who receive keys come to the location of the company’s choosing to find out if they have the winning key. Prizes can range from the contents inside a treasure chest to a new car.

Winning key promotions are a great way to promote business and increase sales. We love hearing stories from our satisfied customers about their incredible events, with high attendance and engagement.

To inquire about pricing on a winning key promotion, contact Shawn at 1-800-490-7539.



What You Should Know About Key Blanks

Keys are a vital part of modern life that’s usually undervalued. You use various keys throughout the day and you don’t give them a second thought. From stepping out of your house, starting your car, unlocking that gym locker, etc., keys are used throughout your day. However, one aspect of keys that is pretty much forgotten until you need a duplicate key is key blanks.

Grasping the concept of duplicating keys is a difficult task as the process takes a lot of skill. The locksmith trade is actually quite intricate, but the main factor for successfully duplicating a key is the right blank.

The type of key blank used depends on the kind of key you want to cut. For instance, if you want to cut a duplicate key, the locksmith will request the original key and find a matching blank in his collection. You will need to give an original because if you don’t have it, there’s no way the locksmith can replace the key for you.

The locksmith has 2 major options of replicating the key. He may duplicate it manually or on the machine. If he’s using the former, he’ll have to cut along the blank’s outline to duplicate the groves in the original keys. If he uses a machine, all he needs to do is to put the blank in the machine and set the blades correctly.

Key blanks differ according to the kind of keys that you want to replicate. Artisans who are serious about the business of replicating keys will provide a blank for each common kind of key.

Kinds of Key Blanks

  • Tubular blank

It’s used to replicate the keys utilized in tubular locks. If you don’t have any idea what a tubular is, just take a look at the lock on the usual luggage box or the common bicycle security lock.

  • Skeleton blank

The skeleton blank is used for the replication of skeleton keys. Such keys are the oldest kind of keys and have been around since the start of the history of keys as a kind of protection. A skeleton key can be recognized by its long thin shaft which looks like a skeleton. Older houses have this kind of key. Just look at the keys to the attic and basement.

Key blanks are sometimes stamped by manufacturers that they’re not to be replicated. However, such warnings aren’t heeded and people still duplicate keys. Such an act is not even considered illegal in most states. Some manufacturers can have power over the distribution of key blanks by making sure that they’re not sold in certain areas.

Such items are also becoming more popular in some parts of the world as a fashionable piece of jewelry. You can see some people having a big collection of key blanks that they display proudly. For example, those who love cars may carry the key blanks of their favorite cars. If you’re comfortable with this idea, you’ll definitely find a lot of blanks at an affordable price.