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  • Description TKG STARTER KIT
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  • Price: $15.00.ea

    With TKG Kit you can clone Texas 80-bit transponders  "G" chipped keys that are used for many Toyota car models.

    To be used with 884 Decryptor Mini and 884 Decryptor Ultegra with Keyline Cloning Tool App.

    To enable cloning you need to use CKG carbon chips or TKG electronic head.

    You must activate the TKG Kit software update on your cloning device. Simply insert the TKG electronic head, located in the kit, into your device and wait for the activation confirmation. After activation, the TKG electronic head can be used to clone one Toyota 80-bit transponder key. 

    Please note: internet connection is required to use the TKG Kit

    ***TKG Heads are one-time use only

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