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Item# 23RF
  • Description 23RF CUTTER (BC0017XXXX)
  • Shipping Weight: 0.018lbs
  • Price: $38.00.ea


    Curtis 2000

    Dominion Lock 145
    Dominion Lock 145M
    Dominion Lock 147
    Dominion Lock 147M
    Dominion Lock 149M

    HPC 9100
    HPC 9110

    HyKo Promatic
    This cutter has been reported to work with the Promatic key machine.
    You will have to recalibrate your machine after installing this cutter as it is slightly larger (.0004") in diameter than your current wheel.

    Ilco 008
    Ilco 008A
    Ilco 008B
    Ilco 2184CD
    Ilco H2584CV
    Ilco 2585DU

    Keil 4
    Keil 4 1/2
    Keil 12
    Keil 12 1/2
    Keil 13 1/2
    Keil 15

    Taylor KD1
    Taylor KD5
    Taylor KD20

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