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    JMA presents its new TXP8 transponder, capable of duplicating the keys for a broad range of motor vehicle brands using the Megamos® Crypto system. Arrival of the TPX8 brings the inclusion of a significant number of models onto the extensive list of vehicles making up the JMA transponder catalogue.

    Audi®, Seat®, Volkswagen®, Skoda®, Citröen®, Fiat®, Volvo®, KIA®, Chevrolet®, Alfa Romeo® and Honda® are just a few of the dozens of brands with cars that use the encrypted Megamos® algorithm to start their engines.

    With the new TPX8, JMA is offering the definitive technology for copying the Megamos® Crypto by maintaining a commitment to an in-house device that allows duplication without extra peripherals and significantly simplifies the copying process. It just requires the TRS5000 EVO machine to be updated and the JMATPXPro programme to be installed. The duplication process takes place on the chips alone via a process called ‘sniffing'.

    The TPX8 chip is sold in a pack that includes 10 chips, the JMATPX8Pro software and a full set of manuals and tutorial videos in six languages allowing users to learn the copying process in a simple step-by-step manner. Furthermore, duplication professionals can benefit from support from the Technical Assistance Service (TAS) of JMA, through Team Viewer, to resolve any questions they might have during the cloning process.


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